Tim Hortons presents Sound of Music Festival>


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Festival Ticketed Event Policies:

  • 30 years of age and under require a wristband to consume alcohol
  • Passing alcohol to persons under the age of 19 will result in eviction possibly charges
  • Everyone is subject to search for illegal weapons, drugs and alcohol
  • Deposit all illegal substances in the Amnesty Bin prior to entry
  • Illegal substances found on your person will result in eviction, possibly charges
  • Notice - this is a public festival, video and pictures are being taken
  • No video of the concert is allowed and large format cameras are not allowed
  • No smoking is permitted in the park as per City by-law
  • Intoxicated people will not be allowed to enter and there will be no refund
  • Intoxicated or disruptive people will be escorted out and there will be no refund
  • No pets permitted
  • No lawn chairs – exceptions permitted
  • While re-entry is permitted, keep in mind that you will need to re-enter through the front gate and security line, hold on to your ticket, you will need to be scanned in AND out
  • No outside food or drink