Tim Hortons presents Sound of Music Festival>


Workshops take place at The Halton HiVE901 Guelph Line, SE corner of Harvester and Guelph Line.  Sign your child up by filling out the downloadable registration form and emailing it to musiced@soundofmusic.ca.
Pre-registration is required to guarantee your spot.


Through this program, our goal is to create barrier-free introductions to instruments and music, while encouraging a love and respect for the arts. The workshops help promote creative development and teamwork through musical education.


Next workshop tbd.

Kid drumming

The drumming workshop uses djembes, a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa, to teach children basic rhythmic patterns, different sound types, a number of drumming techniques, as well as how different rhythms and sounds interact with one another to create beautiful rhythmic harmonies.


Next workshop tbd.


Boomwhackers, are light weight, easy to use, hollow, colour-coded, plastic tubes that have been cut to different lengths in order to tune them to different musical pitches.  They are a member of the percussion family.  Boomwhackers produce sound when struck against any surface. This workshop allows children to get a glimpse at how boomwhackers work through a hands on, interactive, group set-up.


Next workshop tbd.

Kid playing guitar

This workshops gives students and introduction into the inner workings of guitars.  Children will learn about the parts of a guitar, basic strumming techniques, simple chords, amoung other tools for children of all ages and skill levels.