Tim Hortons presents Sound of Music Festival>


  • Security – Bag checks will be conducted during the Festival.  Please do NOT bring glass containers/weapons/illegal substances/alcohol. Any items found during the checks which are considered illegal or inappropriate will be confiscated and could lead to criminal charges.
  • Recycling, Compost and Waste - We are a very green festival and have aggressive waste diversion goals.  Help us our by putting your waste in the proper receptacle and support our Eco Team volunteers who sort all garbage bags by hand!
  • Water bottle refilling – Remember to bring your refillable bottle or buy one onsite at the Festival and use our convenient and water-refilling stations.
  • Bikes – Ride your bike down! Please dismount when you get to the Festival and lock it up on the street or check in at our secure Bike Corral located behind the Waterfront Hotel.
  • Parking is limited Downtown — Try our Shuttle Program from the Fairview GO Station.
  • Privacy – The Festival is a public event, pictures and video may be taken at any time.
  • No smoking - City of Burlington Parks are smoke-free.
  • Accessibility – Staff and volunteers are aware of accessibility and vulnerable people policies. For questions or concerns please contact us at accessible_vulnerable@soundofmusic.ca If you require assistance or have any questions regarding accessibility while at the Festival, please inquire at the main Welcome Centre.
  • Weather – This is an outdoor event and subject to weather conditions.  Under severe weather i.e. lightning, the show will cease and the park will be evacuated. You may need a jacket at night and bring sunscreen for day.
  • Pets – Please do not bring your pets. We all love them however the heat, the crowds, the food, and potentially other dogs are not good for your pets.