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Performance TD Stage - Saturday June 16, 8:00 pm
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“Looking back, it kinda blows my mind thinking about all the different conversations we had about the album and how much we supported each other through the process of making it. I guess it’s not exactly a surprise but a nice reminder that four different people with different tastes can come together and create something.” – Elwins bassist/singer Francesco Figliomeni

The Elwins–singer/guitarist Matt Sweeney, drummer Travis Stokl, guitarist/keyboardist Feurd, and bassist Francesco Figliomeni–came together in 2006 near Newmarket, about an hour north of Toronto. After touring extensively behind 2012’s And I Thank You and 2015’s Play for Keeps, the band developed a natural chemistry, which continues to propel (and challenge) their collaborative spirit on Beauty Community.

The Elwins had never entered the studio with so many songs before, each member coming in with strong material. An unspoken desire for more introspective ballads seemed to pervade each songwriter’s creative impulse, weirdly putting some pressure on the band to figure out what this record was all about. Experimentation led to new creative forays, including, unusually, an instrumental: “Your Very Own Beauty Community.”

There seems to be an overtly upbeat spirit to the songs and a sensitive, inquisitive sentiment within Beauty Community. A close listen suggests that certain things are being processed. Relationships, life, the sense of (and not) belonging.

In the end, Beauty Community is the work of an experienced unit—a band of brothers who know when to push each other out of comfort zones. There’s plenty here for Elwins faithful to cling to but also tasteful explorations the community indeed.  at shed new light on the band–a beauty.