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Performance Ontario St. Pod - Saturday June 15, 9:45 pm
Ontario St. Pod - Saturday June 15, 8:30 pm
Ontario St. Pod - Saturday June 15, 7:15 pm
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About the Artist

The year was 2009. In the hallowed halls of the F Wing, (Mohawk College’s Music Dept.) A student stumbled into a practice room, drawn in by the psychadelic-prog-fusion sounds shaking the very foundation. He asked these fine lads to fill out the final spot for a halloween gig he was organizing that was only four days away. Though Tom Altobelli, Chris Bruder, Scott MacIntosh, and Jordan Snider had played in various combinations in the past, this would be their first instrumental gig billed as “The Altobeelays”. That night those boys made history.

Over time songs and sounds were solidified, members came and went. But the energy and comraderie the four of them developed over several years in the Applied Music program, and Darcy Hepner’s Beatles ensemble was nothing to be taken lightly. After hearing the beautiful harmonies from the duet Em and Joss they decided to join forces adding in two female front women and dropping the Alto from their name.

The Beelays was born March 2018. After a few gigs it was obvious that this collaboration was the original sound and energy that the band had been waiting for. With influences ranging from rock, funk, afro beat, jazz, hip hop, and R&B, they have developed a catalogue of genre bending music.

They reign from Hamilton, ON, a city as vibrant, diverse, and gritty as the music they create. Now the clan is eager to blow the doors off the jam space and take the music world by storm.

Whether you are ready or not, The Beelays have arrived.