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From Hamilton
Performance Joe Dog's - Monday June 11, 9:00 pm
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About the Artist

On a planet of giants in a galaxy unknown to earthlings, there lived a man who was known as the shortest known individual this planet has ever came across, which lead to becoming an outcast, so after much research into other planets, there lied a planet called earth, which was where he felt he would fit in the most, so he silently said goodbye to his planet of giants, and made his way to earth. He had much to prove, and loved the sound of music, so he quickly learned his way around a wooden instrument known as the guitar, learned to sing from the windy air while walking the earth to his destination in Canada, and then as someone who was never pushed to become someone, he jumped right into the music industry and took on many jobs that helped other musicians get where they needed to be. One day, someone asked him to play a show, which was a first for him, and they asked him for a stage name, which he did not have at the moment, and then he realized he worked the tasks of 5 men, and he was taller than most, so he called himself “Tall People”, since he felt he was living the lives of more than 1 person, to prove his worth to himself. After countless interactions with good and bad people along his road to music, he learned the art of writing songs, and wrote about his trials and tribulations of becoming who he is today, and helping to inspire himself and others along their way in life.