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From Burlington
Performance 5 West - Monday June 11, 10:00 pm
Maria St. Pod - Sunday June 17, 1:00 pm
Maria St. Pod - Sunday June 17, 2:15 pm
Maria St. Pod - Sunday June 17, 3:30 pm
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About the Artist

Oh Geronimo’s new record, The Sled, traverses the peaks and valleys of companionship, ego, self-perception, and explores what happens when they collide.  The release of this record will mark a year since half of our band put down their torches — a year that demanded patience, persistence and resiliency. Often times the universe begs us to throw in the towel, but we’re fighters. We will never extinguish the fire, and The Sled solidifies that resolution.

Too high up on your mountain of aspirations, responsibilities and expectations; the ground is far below. A deep breath, and you let instinct take over. Without any conscious decision, you climb upon your Sled. Barreling downward, cold wind drawing the moisture from your eyes, your mountain dissolves behind you. Freefall into the moment. Answer your inner-call. Oh Geronimo.