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From Cambridge
Performance Pier Stage - Sunday June 17, 4:00 pm
Pier Stage - Sunday June 17, 1:30 pm
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About the Artist

Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles are a family rock & roll band based out of Toronto/Cambridge, Ontario. The band has been delivering their unique brand of music to children and families for just over 12 years.

The band is managed and lead by the band’s writer/producer Chris Torti (aka Mr. Chris).  Chris is a Registered Early Childhood Education Specialist.  He has spent the past 19 years working directly with children as a Kindergarten Teacher, Children’s Librarian & Child & Family Specialist.

Through direct experiences, observations & research, Mr. Chris discovered that children just want to dance with their families.  More specifically, children want to enjoy music with their loved ones.  Which is why Mr. Chris, in the creative process, is always ensuring to hover directly over the line that separates ‘adult music & children’s music’. (if parents/adults enjoy the music, there’s a better chance that the entire family will be bopping together to the tunes)

The Gassy Bubbles brand of music doesn’t sound like typical children’s music. They’ve set out to do something with their music, that others aren’t necessarily doing.  They’ve set out to shine and be different; to basically do their own thing.

Mr. Chris & the GB’s recently released their 4th album, named ‘Map of Icosahedron’. The album was created to be a 70’s inspired rock & roll adventure for the entire family to enjoy together.

Currently, the Gassy Bubbles are touring schools, libraries, hospitals, daycare centres, community centres, fairs, festivals & many corporate venues.

If you’re looking for something different, in the realm of children’s/family music, you may want to take a  peek into the world of Gassy Bubbles – they’ve got their hands extended outwards; just grab hold of their hand & join their LOVE Vibration.