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From Burlington
Performance Maria St. Pod - Saturday June 16, 2:15 pm
Maria St. Pod - Saturday June 16, 3:30 pm
Maria St. Pod - Saturday June 16, 1:00 pm
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About the Artist

Mount Farewell is the contemporary collective of 4 friends from Burlington, Ontario. The Canadian indie-pop group is comprised of Noah Thrall, Nathan Day, Adam Thurston and Brady Anderson.

With an ambitious start, their debut EP Love Letter Home sold out it’s release show and was featured on various music blogs, YouTube playlists and radio programs. Their honest lyricism is illuminated in equal parts by the band’s enthusiasm and carefully crafted core.

Punchy dance tracks such as ‘Like it That Way,’ pair with inviting arrangements like ‘Run Us Down,’ rounding the band with a certain approachability. Drawing from the influences of LANY, Phil Collins and St. Lucia, Love Letter Home is the perfect nod to the band’s humble beginnings and purposeful future.