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Performance Ontario St. Pod - Sunday June 17, 1:15 pm
Ontario St. Pod - Sunday June 17, 2:30 pm
Ontario St. Pod - Sunday June 17, 3:45 pm
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There are retro bands and then there is Lovers Touch, whose self-described “dad rock” — a thrilling synthesis of old- and new-school — seeks to revive throwback sounds from Bread to Hall & Oates while fully embracing all the 21st century has to offer. Playing together since their teens, singer/rhythm guitarist Shane Hooper, lead guitarist Dexter Nash, and bassist Noah O’Neil have recently joined forces with drummer Andrew Taylor and keyboardist, trumpeter and vocalist Sam Lewis to issue a dazzling set of self-produced singles (“This Is an Arrangement,” “Dancing Like a Man,” “Nine to Five,” “I Need It”) destined to cement their spot in the hippest pop/rock canon while leading to marquee live shows in their adopted hometown of Toronto and beyond.