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From Hamilton
Performance Pepperwood - Monday June 11, 9:00 pm
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About the Artist

It was a hot day. Two cold glasses of lemonade beaded with condensation, echoing the dew forming on the foreheads of two Hamilton musicians. They’d gathered to write a song, but what they didn’t know, is that they were embarking on much greater journey. Shawna Picard and Lauren Campbell formed Loud English out of the desire to step outside of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and use their creativity to connect with others. What began as a fun pastime, quickly grew into a force, as the pair amassed a collection of songs, with accompanying videos, to share with their friends and family on social media. Praise rolled in for their diverse lyrics, and unique use of time signatures. They were onto something. Peppering their originality with flavourings of classic rock, blues, and soul, Loud English create music that you won’t hear on the radio – and that’s a good thing. It’s refreshing, like a cold glass of lemonade.