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From Mississauga
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Elton Rohn is thrilling audiences across Canada and the USA.  As Elton Rohn, Ron Camilleri’s ability to transform into Elton John is uncanny. Audiences are amazed. It’s like seeing a 1970’s Elton John concert. And his band is made up of some of Canada’s finest musicians. Select shows now include a string quartet. Every note is played live, no tracks. And the band features full four part harmony.
The band has headlined over 250 shows including festivals across Canada and the USA, including major markets. They’ve played Las Vegas where they were the only Elton John tribute asked to play the Elton John convention. NY, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlantic City … They’ve performed on Television, theatres, festivals and they are considered a top headlining festival act playing to thousands. They’ve been called one of the best tributes anywhere. Dozens of testimonials, videos and more info on the website.