Tim Hortons presents Sound of Music Festival>


Performance Ontario St. Pod - Saturday June 15, 3:45 pm
Ontario St. Pod - Saturday June 15, 2:30 pm
Ontario St. Pod - Saturday June 15, 1:00 pm
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About the Artist

We’re not your average long-haired, drum pounding, widdly-woo guitar solo, Mustang Sally playing cover band. We play current popular music…acoustic style. We like to mix it up a little as well, kickin’ out songs that you never thought you’d hear on an acoustic guitar and throwing in some grooving tunes that you forgot all about but somehow still remember all the words to.

With a couple of guitars, a bass, a violin and some hand drums, we dish out a celtic-inspired sound with an upbeat tempo but a laid back vibe. We just love to play tunes for people who appreciate live music and love to sing along.