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Adelaide is a four piece indie-rock group from Burlington, Ontario. Established April 2017 with and intention of writing genuine music, performing some of their favorite venues, and connecting with everyday people through song. However, in their first year as a band, they’ve accomplished more than they could of thought. With no industry experience or connections, Adelaide has racked up over 25 shows in their first year, on stages such as Lee’s Palace, Horseshoe Tavern and the Opera  House. They have also released a total of 7 songs including a 6 song EP titled “ Where you go” which is on all major streaming platforms.

The Songs from Adelaide are genuine and real examples about walking through life in our generation. Songs of love. Journeys through Loneliness and lyrics of hope. The guitars are loud, the melodies are catchy, and their performance will get you excited to see them again. They have been described as similar to Kings of Leon, Arkells,1975 and more, fusing together several different musical pasts and influences into one agreeable sound. Ric Taylor of View Magazine describes their sound as “slick pop foray that comes off as quite mature for a band that has barely been around for a year or so.” Also, have played on soFXCanada stages #COLMS Canadian Original Live Music Series.


aka Johnny Walker has been entertaining since he was a just a young lad.

His Elvis band was the host band for the compassion society for over four years here in beautiful Burlington. He supports local establishments in Burlington and proud to say he is helping out with soFXCanada, in grooming and encouraging our young talent here in Burlington from a backstage point of view.

RICK DOUPE: Drummer and Sound Man

Having spent more than 20 years of his life on the road as both performer and engineer, he has returned to the Burlington area teamed with soFXCanada to create a local sound like no other. Having played different genres of music over the years has given Rick an arsenal of rhythm seen by many enjoyed by all.
Performed with Canada’s Country Gentleman Tommy Hunter mixed monitors, Terry Sumption trained Rick on what to do and not behind the kit. Rock icons April Wine Kim Mitchell Nazareth and many more enjoyed Rick’s artistry on the mixing console.

MICHAEL SHOTTON: Songwriter, Drummer, Vocals

Born in Newcastle, England, Michael Shotton loved music from the moment he discovered The Beatles. Subsequently performing, by the ripe old age of three, Michael accumulated years of experience playing drums (southpaw!) and singing in countless original, top-40 and specialty tribute acts. In 1988, Michael signed to Herb Alpert’s label, A&M, with the pop-based group “Diamond Life”, who’s hit “Habits of the Heart” still, gets play on Canadian AOR radio. This launched one of the most diverse, storied kinds of careers that could possibly be imagined.
He plays: he sings: he entertains. But he also writes: he engineers: he produces. Consult his friends and family, as character witnesses: they will say, “It doesn’t do Mike justice, to simply say he’s versatile, or eclectic. He’s possessed by an inexhaustible, energetic spirit.”

Michael has worked with soFXCanada on many events from the 5 year running community jam at a local pub as well as several street events including Car Free street festival and other events.

He has also been the voice behind many radio & television commercials such as Coke, Labatts, Coors, Crunchie, Foster, The Bay and many more. In 1998, Michael became part of “The Outpatients”, releasing their debut album “Anxious Disease” (Teichiku/Virgin). This album features the members of Guns n’ Roses (including a duet with Axl Rose). Steve Stevens of Billy Idol and Louis Conte of Phil Collins. His wide vocal range, style and presence allow him to perform everything from rock and R&B to corporate and orchestral show

HAYLEY VERRALL: Song Writer, VOCALS, Guitar.

Hayley is a singer/songwriter from Burlington primarily influenced by country classics like Patsy Cline, as well as newer country artists.  Being a versatile singer and performer, however, Hayley regularly performs music from several different genres during her shows.

Hayley has been singing since age 10, professionally for the past 4 years, and recorded her first ep of 4 original songs when she was 16 years old.  Hayley is a well-known face in the city, regularly performing at venues such as Boston Manor soFXCanada #COLMS Events and at festivals, including Culture Days, Appleby Line Street Festival, Canada Day celebrations and the inauguration of City Council at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.
Hayley is currently working on a major recording project.

KRISTI PECAJ: Violin Prodigy

Has been in Canada for 6 months and studied Music Performance- Violin at High School Musical “Prenke Jakova” of Shkodra in Albania.

Met Robert Mayor 3 weeks after his arrival at Black Swan Pub in Burlington and has since played in the Canadian Original Live Music Series on both December 10, 2017 and March 25th, 2018.

“Most beautiful violinist that I have ever heard in my life” – Patti Teepell

ALYSSA MACKENZIE: Song Writer, Vocals, Guitar.

Alyssa Mackenzie is a 16-year-old singer songwriter from Burlington, Ontario. Starting off singing at karaoke events and in her family living room at a very young age, her stages have grown alongside her evolving style of folk/indie music, expressing life adventures and experiences through her original pieces. Performing locally here in Burlington and Oakville as well as larger stages in Toronto such as the Hard Rock Café and the Revival Theatre, she has pursued her love of performing and writing as she’s grown up, sharing a passion for music with others through its self-expressive and inclusive properties. With poetic lyrics and beautiful melodies her music reaches listeners on an emotional level. Alyssa has been a root artist in the soFXCanada #COLMS Series.

Other backing artists include:

BRUCE BOUDREAU band, Songwriter, VOCALS, Bass, also MBA

TROY MILLER, Vocals, Guitars also plays with No Idea band, and is a captain firefighter.

SHAYLYN, has been singing since 4 performing since age of 10

ROBERT J. MAYOR JR., founder of soFXCanada also known as BobbyJjr.&theMagic musically will be hosting and performing his own originals with his band called “&theMagic” a country rick & roll feel, along with the list of the previously mentioned independent banded artists above.