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Performance Ontario St. Pod - Friday June 14, 9:45 pm
Ontario St. Pod - Friday June 14, 8:30 pm
Ontario St. Pod - Friday June 14, 7:15 pm

About the Artist

Adelaide, a five piece indie-rock group from Burlington Ontario, established April 2017 with an intention of writing genuine music, performing some of their favourite venues, and connecting with everyday people through song. However in their first year as a band, they’ve accomplished more than they could have thought. With no industry experience or connections, Adelaide has racked up over 25 shows in their first year, on stages like Lee’s Palace, Horseshoe Tavern, and The Opera House. They’ve also released a total of 7 songs including a 6-song debut EP titled “Where You Go” which is on all major streaming platforms.

Now that their EP is released, the band’s main goal is to grow their network through playing shows, connecting with industry members, and learning from fellow bands. Adelaide knows the importance of seeking excellence in everything they do, but they also recognize that everything they do is better done on display for everyone to see. They are looking to gain a strong public image through photos, radio interviews, music blog reviews, etc. But at the end of the day, the music is what matters. They are at their best when performing live, so check out a show, or book them to see for yourself.

Members: Ben Lee (Drums), Matt Reynolds (Keys), Ben Rudy (Lead Guitar), Adam Peters (Bass), Dan Taylor (Guitar/Vocals)